After several failed attempts to cross the border without papers, Nero finally succeeds in making it back to his native Los Angeles. Unsatisfied with the prospects of an undocumented worker in the United States, the East Los Angeles native joins the US Army to obtain citizenship. Now halfway around the world, Nero guards an Iraqi border for the US Army keeping out those who pose a threat to American interests abroad.

Thousands of immigrants join the United States Armed Forces to gain citizenship every year. They are called green card soldiers.

"...strong and gripping, with darkly absurd overtones of Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket" -The Hollywood Reporter


"...Pitts’ pristinely composed sixth feature is thoughtfully marked by the Iranian-born filmmaker's own experience..." -Variety


"...the imagery here is instantly indelible..." -Indie Wire

"... This ravishingly shot film is thematically resonant..." - Screen Daily

"...there’s more than enough fuel in Pitts’s film to work Donald Trump into terminal apoplexy." -Film Comment